Audit and Assurance

Trust and confidence create a strong relationship and respect

Audit And Assurance

Trust and Confidence over financial report create a strong relationship and respect. An audit is a necessity in business; it helps you to deal confidently with the stakeholders, especially with investors and clients. Here in Clemente, Aquino & Co., CPAs, we make that happen. We will provide an objective and reliable audit services to make sure that the reports are fairly represented .

Understanding our client’s business and the environment is the key for our audit approach and we regularly review them to deliver efficient and effective service to the client. Usually, we adopt the Risk-based audit approach while complying with the Generally Accepted Auditing Standard (GAAS).

Our work is geared towards adding value and confidence to the financial reports while adhering to regulatory frameworks and standards. Moreover, an audit report is not the end of the process, we also give our clients professional advice to help them in making sound judgments and in improving controls.

With the competency of our staff, let us make values beyond numbers.